Hello, Everything

My prayers this year

1) “why did you bother making people at all if you’re only going to watch us burn”

2) “god, how could you let this happen? I loved him, I loved him and now he’s gone”

3) “how could you watch this happen and just stand by? I look at him collapsing underneath the weight of everything you allow to happen and I think, ‘I can’t bear seeing him like this’”

4) “I can’t find anything to thank you for”

5) “I miss you.”

6) “I can’t stand to even hear a word about you”

7) “I want to fall in love with you, but you’re so far away and I’m so, so angry with you”

8) “please. Help me.”

9) “I’m sorry”

10) “I’m sorry”

11) “I’m sorry”

12) “hearing this church, with their voices raised, singing high to you in Spanish while I sing words I know by heart in stuttering English, I know that you exist”

13) “I’m coming home again”